You know it is true…

The sun sets on another day and I am thankful for the myriad of people I interacted with today. At a trade event this evening I was part of a discussion that I took to heart. One of the people I was speaking to was very clear that people know what they are doing, and are deliberate in almost everything that they do. I have always believed this as well, that people understand the good, or the bad they do on a daily basis and even when they explain it away, understand or sometimes plan the effect they have on others.

So when someone smiles, they know that they will give a positive, or when they scowl they know that too will elicit a response.

We should consider this daily in our relationships as sometimes there are people who think they are doing a good thing in their mind, but truly they know they are not. The converse is not so true as often, though I really wish it was true and people did more random acts of kindness.

So, as the sun sets today, think about the people you interact with, and take a moment and consider that they may be thinking and aware of their actions a lot more than you give them credit for in your mind. As you do so, accept how they are, and move on. (Or try to help them see a new way if you have the patience)

No matter what, hold on to life, love and passion each and every day..

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