Take a moment..

The sun sets on another day and as tomorrow closes in on us we should take a moment and check in on today.

Did you make someone smile?

Did you make someone happy?

Did you learn something new?

Did you love with all that you are, and all that you can be?

Were you loved by someone with all that they are, and all that they can be?

Good questions all. Why?

If you make someone smile each day it is contagious and you will be part of a revolution that may change the world. People need to smile, and it makes life a lot easier if they do.

Where a smile can take us so far, making someone happy can give them hope for a new day and a new way. Not a simple thing in today’s world as we really cannot make anyone happy, only make them happier, or more sad.

If we do not learn each and every day, we have lost a moment that we cannot get back. Read a book, learn a new word, look at the sky and realize something, talk to someone wise, but learn each day.

Love is something that is usually pretty true, and we need to love not a little, but more than a lot. If you cannot love the person you are with 250%, it may be time to look at the door for a while and learn about that door.

As a whole, if someone cannot love you, you should think about changing if you can. Hopefully they will have the love and passion you deserve, and that will in itself make your life complete.

A pretty simple post today, but take a deep breath and enjoy the moment, after all we only know now and should live it all the time.

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