The sun sets on another day as I consider change.

It is amazing to consider how many changes we go through in our lives. From Infant to child, child to adolescent, adolescent to adult and this can even be spread out more as there are many laces we will grow and change in our lives. We all have pivot points in our life that force change. Some changes are gradual and not really noticed, some are forced and become major pivot points in our life.

My point today is we need to adapt to change and be happy whichever way the wind may blow. There are changes in our lives that may well devastate us, but it is how we rise above that makes us who we are in our life.  We are sometimes the cause of our own changes, as I have been and we are sometimes forced to make changes, as we all have been.

So take a moment, consider your changes and try to make the best of them. They may feel great or they may hurt for the rest of your life, but rise up, rise above and make the world a better place by your example. (Or change the change, and make life happier for you all around)

Enjoy the sunset, I know I will.

(And as David Bowie always said ch ch ch changes…)

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