Clear Skies..

Photo by M.M.

As the sun sets on another day…

Today clear skies about and the crisp clean air embraces us, giving life and filling us with hope. As we walk through life and see the flowers, the trees, and all the myriad of things around us we need to be thankful for everything we are given. So today take a moment and smell the flowers. Take a deep breathe and draw in the air. Close you eyes. Think about love, peace and happiness and in doing so, be more in tune with life. This about the things you have accomplished in life, this about all the differences you have made for others and not for yourself, and you will be content. This about those people you have loved with all your heart, and felt things for that person no one else could understand, and you will be at peace.

As you relax and consider the good in your perhaps you will be a little happier, no matter what….

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