Nine days…

The sun sets on another day…and we have a Christmas tree!

Today I met a few ladies while looking at International Christmas trees. I told them the story that my father once told when he was giving his time to the Salvation Army. It goes like this:

“Once there was a young lady who came into a saloon looking for money to help her family. As she walked in it was obvious she was very poor by the tattered clothes, and battered shows she wore. She went from table to table at the saloon asking for money and was turned away with sour looks at ever corner. When she came to the bar a rather gruff man was there and looked at her as she approached. 

“Please sir, can you help my family.”

The man looked at her with disdain and reached into his pocket and pulled out two bits. Looking at her he took the money and threw it into the almost full spittoon. “There you go” he laughed.

To his surprise the girl walked to the spittoon and reached in with her small hand, and pulled the coins from the spittle. Then using her apron she carefully wiped off the coins and walked back to the man who was in a state of shock. 

“Thank you so much sir”, she said with a tear in her eye, “and god bless you.”

she left the bar and the man did not pick up his drink. The story goes he turned around his life and became one of the most generous men around, and an active member of his church. 

After I told this story to the two women they were beaming, and thanked me for taking the time to talk to them. I too (In my opinion) had tossed a few coins without the spittoon and told them I told this story when I could, and always with a tear in my eye.

The point of it all is, it is easy to say you are a christian. It is easy to make the appearance of being a christian, but perhaps the truth is a bit more hidden and eventually finds a way.

Live life, live the TRUTH, and love every day like there is no other. Sleep sweet and watch the stars, I will be watching too.

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