Eight days


The sun sets on another day…

As we get closer to Christmas it is only fair we consider the story “The Gift of the Magi” by o’Henry.

The story is in the link above and far too long of a short story to quote, but the readers digest short version of this short story is about a man and a woman so in love that most cannot understand. The woman has long flowing hair that is the envy of all around. The man has a beautiful pocket watch that is priceless to him. In the story the man sells his most prized possession for a set of combs for her beautiful hair, while the woman sells her hair for a fob for the mans pocket watch. 

Imagine a world where the person you were with was willing to do exactly this, to give up something so precious to them for the sake of the other. In my opinion this is how love and marriage should be, where you are so aware of the other that you would give anything to make them happy, and they you. So consider, what would you give up for your boyfriend or spouse? Would you give everything you are and be what they want you to be, or would you be you, because they felt the same and would give you everything they are as well? People hide behind so much in the myriad of lop sided relationships out there, where one person will do anything, while the other sets limits, or where one person actually sacrifices a massive portion of his or her life while the other allows it. In the end I have hope for all of us.

In my moment of hope I ask everyone to believe in love and what it means as it transcends all that we believe and gives us hope for a better tomorrow and a better life. So whether you believe in yourself, your marriage, God, or nothing, find a way to believe that there is someone out there loving you and hold onto it.

Have a good night, and find your way to truth and happiness.


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