Seven days…

The suns sets on another day…

…and the little girl in the well is coming for us all! (eeek, wrong holiday)

Are the ornaments on your tree real and do they have meaning, or are they show for others to see and think of you in a different way.

As I looked at the ornaments on my tree I saw the Minuteman my father had given me so many years ago. It was a small pewter ornament or just a figure that could be stood on a desk, which is what I have done for some time. I considered it a testament to my fathers life and the good things he tried to do for so many people, and how I should be doing good for others. Recently my fathers widow started giving me some of the things that were my dads, even though he has been gone for some time. As I wandered though the boxes she had given me I came upon a box of trinkets, and low and behold, there was the same ornament. Now that may not mean much to a lot of people, but it meant a lot to me. What you say? It meant that for years we had been looking at the same thing and thinking of each other and this is really what is important.

There are people you love in life that you may not get to see often, or in my case, ever again. But you have to hold on to the positives in life and realize that even if they are gone, they are never forgotten as they inspired you and perhaps someday you will be together once more. So hold onto the memories of your tree, hold on to the simple trinkets that remind you of happy times, the note the love of you life once wrote to you, the yearbook that was signed by someone special, or the necklace that was a heartfelt present and literally wring the positive feelings out of it, and hold on for more.

Obviously I will not see my father again in this life, but if you know someone who loves you like no tomorrow, maybe its time to just call and let them know, or send a letter to Grandma and let her know, or just find something creative to change the world in a positive way. After all, never count on tomorrow, and live every day with the passion the world deserves. As for me, now I have two minutemen on my curio that will fight to the end to do right, live life, and try to make a few people see happiness.

Sleep well, dream good dreams, and love life to the stars beyond!

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