Christmas 2015


The sun sets on another day…

Merry Christmas.

There are so many topics to consider on this wonderful day that it is difficult to choose, but perhaps in the end it will not be the topic, but the day that leads us all forward. Close your eyes, wait, ooops, close your eyes after you read this and take a moment to consider the last year. As you do so, consider all the happy times you have had, all the truth in your life, all the wonderful feelings you have felt, the times where you helped someone then received that special smile, and the times you held someone, and felt a special bond. Remember the sunsets you saw, and the sunrises that propelled you into a new day. Remember the happiness when you looked someone in the eyes and simply said “hi”, and the times you saw life give you more, and held on to the feelings that you knew were special, and always would be.

As you consider the good, let the bad slide to the side for a while, just a while, as it is too easy to remember the bad, and the good should be at the front of all we do. Trust yourself, and remember, the truth always finds a way.

This year and every year on Christmas, remember you are a good person, or find a way to become a good person.

Open your eyes, prepare for a new year, and love the moments like there are no others.

Tomorrow may come, but waiting for passion and love can be a hell worse than any other.

Sleep sweet, remember what Christmas means, and love your life every day, without that, can you truly show anyone else love?

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