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The sun sets on another day…

First, this is way way way too involved in too much in just a short time, but here goes….

It is interesting right now the number of people who read this daily. I had let it go for some time, then revived it in the middle of the year in 2015. In doing so I did a lot of work to reset the center of what I was stating, and to truly look at a variety of paths. I also started writing a book. It has turned into an eye opening experience and is now at 200 pages, and over 47000 words. There is an amazing amount of research a person must do to make sure the book flows, and even though some of the characters come from my experiences, I feel I have created several characters and given them at least some substance for my eventual readers to enjoy, and given them life from me.

There are those people we know in life that truly have the ability to become a character in a book, some that we would rather avoid, and some that will deny they are a character and pray they are never revealed as one. Today as the sun sets on another day, we should consider which one we are in life. Are we the sullen character that is deep and complex, the one who is full of life and adventure and wants to change the world, make a difference, or even make dinner the best dinner ever? If so, we are dynamic and alive, and live life perhaps for truth, or maybe even justice and the american way?

We could also be that character that no one wants, the ma and pa kettle that for all the good they could do with their lives, sit in the corner, pick their toes,and try to decide what is for dinner. (Not necessarily in that order). Those people could change the world but because of interesting beliefs can barely change themselves and become lost in a fog of monotony that becomes their very being.

Finally, we have the characters that never want to be revealed. Those men and women that want to remain in the background and never be someones “story” when they can easily become center stage and the story that everyone wants to know. Those people cannot imagine why someone would ever want to be the center of attention. Here we have the compulsive liars, that read far more into life than is there and in doing so believe the lies they create and cause issues by living through their lies with others. We also have the reluctant liars, that avoid the truth so they can live a lie as they bury themselves in personal sorrow and people see them as the princes and princesses of the world, until their towers crash when the truth becomes exposed on some wicked social media site.  (We also have the people here that just want to be left alone).

Sit back this eve, and decide which you are, and which you want to be, and make it happen.

For me, I would much rather be the first, who at least tries to live life, make a difference, and live each day like it was my last. When I stand before the creator of all things, I do not want to say, “I followed every rule so I could be a good sheep.” I would rather say, “I bent some rules to protect your sheep, and in the process found all you made for us all, and lived it, loved it, and made the most of every day.”

Anyway, and back to the original point. Some of my central characters in the book are combinations of dozens of people and now they have pseudo life as they live on the pages of this soon to be published book. With over 900,000 hits and over 10,000 unique users (But only a few hundred a day) I hope that someday a least a few of you can read the book, and if you know me, maybe a piece of a piece of a small story was part of you.

Sleep sweet, love life, and make a difference…

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