Whispers in the wind…

The sun sets on another day…

As the snow and wind grapple with the warmth of the sun it appears there can be no easy winner. The sun is hidden behind the unrelenting clouds, warm air struggles to survive, while the cold wind blows on and the snow covers us with a blanket of white.

Some may think this blanket is cold and uncaring, but I, I feel that the cold snow covers and protects, and creates new and fresh ideas for us all to embrace. A white shield that bathes us in sparking diamonds and hushes sound until we are all but whispers in the wind. The experience gives us hope for a spring which will bloom and amaze us all. 

As you sit in the warmth of the sun in your southern lands, or the cool of the snow in the northern, remember that someday soon it will once again be time to rejoice in spring.

(And if you live in the southern hemisphere of the world, strike that reverse it, and laugh at the guy talking about his geographic area.)

Love life, live passionately, and find your way to happiness!

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