Fire one…

The sun sets on another day…

Colors that are almost unreal assault our senses, driving our minds to accept what our minds cannot see as real. The sun grasps at the darkness, trying desperately to hold it at bay, in the end there is no doubt, the struggle between light and darkness will dance again in just hours, but for now, the light show was enough for all of us to enjoy.

As we ponder yet another day consider the song I was sent: “I lived”

Many of these lyrics bring tears to my eyes, and I hope I can say when I am before the creator every one of the things mentioned here. I know for a fact I have not yet done it all, but I have stayed when others turned, taken the jump and not feared the fall, fallen in love and it hurt so bad, but no matter what I gave all I had, I took the pain, I have been many many places, but there are many more, Each pain I feel, every day that goes by, I know I am alive, and those broken bones will mend, but I will live every day, no matter what. 

There are other links with just the song, but the video I linked above has a little more meaning. Take a second, watch, and enjoy the moment.

Sleep sweet, love life, and never let a moment slip by, there just aren’t enough of them….


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