A day to remember…

The sun set son another day…and I could not catch it today because the dern clouds were battling with the sun, making it virtually impossible to get a picture, So I sat and enjoyed all I could, and then enjoyed the twilight.

It is amazing how sometimes our good times are hard to see because the clouds keep coming in, but if we are diligent, and live the truth, I believe we will see the light eventually and the things we deserve will come to us. It is nice to believe that because most of us take a beating a great deal of the time, and don’t get what  we deserve very often. So when you make a promise sitting on a hill with a man or woman, and look out to the future not knowing what the next instant will bring, expecting it to be bad, but knowing it may bring good, believe in yourself and pray each day that a wonderful life will come, then make it happen.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live every moment like it is truly a gift….

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