The sun sets on another day…

How do you handle a fight? Are you the one who makes up? Are you the one who walks forward? Runs away?

Fighting is inevitable in every life situation as we interact daily and sometimes there are things we just don’t agree on. This can be positive in our lives, or be negative, depending on the type of person involved.

I feel occasionally it is a good idea to vent or let something be known. No brutality, but letting passion fly should be more than just a casual thought. 

Once upon a time I was with a woman that would never stay mad, and each time we would even disagree, we would hold each other and there would be a moment of tenderness. She always ran towards me rather than against me.

At the same time I was with a woman who went to bed angry and tried to bury her feelings, and any problems, causing us to disagree even more from time to time.

As the sun sets today remember that life is too short to be angry, hold grudges or make the world a bad place (Unless the grudge is really really deserved) so run towards that person, make yourself a better person, and love life every day. Each day should be a lesson in passion for you and those people who are special in your life, and in the process you will find your way to happiness, no matter what…

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