Priceless passion…

The sun sets on another day…

There are people all over the world that measure their success by money. I know I know, we all do to an extent so we can ensure our survival, our well being, our children’s well being and a host of other platitudes that ensure our present and future.

So what is the cost of time? Time cannot be replaced nor bought, nor sold, nor made any better or worse by anything we do. Time just is, and continues, independent of us. Is there anything as precious as time? 

In my opinion, passion is as precious as time. There can be no replacement for the loss of time, and by the same token the loss of passion can never be replaced. I know I overthink when it comes to passion, but I honestly feel that to be complete, you need a balance of many things in life, and one of them is passion.

Perhaps this is on my mind because last night while watching TV for a short time I once again watched NCIS. For those of you that don’t watch it there was a hidden love between two people that was both strong and timeless. In the episode I watched one of the two made a decision to find another way, and set herself aside. As the man tried to be flippant she said “you are so…” and his interjected answers were comical, but protecting himself. Her reply to them all was to shake her head and just say quietly, “loved.”

As he walked away backwards from the most passionate yet tender kiss you will ever see on television he stated, “hardest 180 I will ever do” and finally turned and got on his plane, allowing her to find her way, but hoping beyond all hopes that someday she would find that way back to him. That type of passion is priceless. If you have it, hold onto it, never let it go as it is more rare than the most expensive trappings. If you want it, hold on, keep your eyes open as it will find you when you are not looking. If you lost it, walked away, made that 180 or made someone make that 180, what you may have lost is priceless as well, but may not ever be truly lost. Lastly, if you don’t have it and don’t want it, all I can say is I am sorry.

So as the sun sets on another day, smile and live for passion, smile and love for life, make a difference every day to someone, and when someone reaches out their hand, take it and hold on forever…no matter what.



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