Running away…

The sun sets on another day…

Time stands still as we hold our breath and wait for the light to fade
with impatient patience we feel the moment come and go and rage against the light in our hearts
The feelings, oh so real, gripping us with emotions we had never understood
as the sun lowers the lights within and we alone tear ourselves to shard
A moment, only a moment, and the light can be restored
For the unrelenting passion cannot be quenched by our sorrow, doubt, inaction, or pain
The time has passed but stands immortal knowing forgiveness will reign again
For in that moment, only a moment, we will know the truth again

Sometimes it is just the right thing to do to forgive ourselves and move forward, sometimes it is not. It is far too easy for some things in life to be set aside. Passion, love, and honor should be at the top of our list, and even though the three are in constant battle, there is a pathway to the light. Look inside, know what is true, and find your pathway to it. 

So as the sun sets on another day, be at peace. In the end it will not be all the other people in the world that choose your destiny, it will be you, and I hope you make the right choice, no matter what…

Sleep sweet, love life, find your way, and trust in truth every day…

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