211 in progress…

The sun sets on another day…

I remember watching Adam Twelve when I was young and in just about every show there was a 211 in progress. I think we should write a song since it is 2-11 and talk about how the sunset robbed our day away. Maybe we can make it that the sunset robbed our hearts away, or perhaps even the sunset stole my scooter.

So here goes for the day since I have been feeling slightly poetic:

There’s a 211 in progress as the sunset steals my day
a 211 in progress as the colors start to go away
There’s a 211 in progress from the morning to the eve
there’s a 211 in progress that is being done by thieves
The 211 in progress, it takes my heart away
for a little bit of money, a new place I will stay
a 211 in progress a robbery of a heart
or a 211 in progress, my scooters in no longer parked
Sorry, I was feeling a little poetic tonight and having some fun. 
As the sun sets on another day remember that sometimes stealing a moment can be a good thing. So as you think about 211, robbery day, lets consider stealing a moment with someone, talking, laughing, enjoying the moment, but making sure the moment is amazing, and we are happy, no matter what…

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