Sizing life up….

The sun sets on another day…

Each day we should size up our life instead of sighsing our life up. (A fun play on words to be sure) We all know that we can overcome almost anything if we just try. Our decisions can make us evaluate what is best and worst in life. Unlike Conan the Barbarian we should not think the best thing in life is to “Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women.” (Although sometimes that would feel nicer than the pseudo puppy love we often hear from people who will forgive their left arm being sawed off by a strange psychopathic short person who makes up stuff about everyone then boils their bunny rabbits). So where should we consider the size of our life, is it to settle for the best we can have, or push for more? Is it to be safe, and live life in fear that tomorrow may not come, or to embrace every moment like there is no other day we should even consider as real until it gets here?

In my opinion (Yes this is an opinion) there are moments in life that size us for all time, the moment we make a decision to take a safe path, we ensure that the fear of failure will hold onto us forever. The moment we make a decision not to help someone, is the moment we walk away from a potential success, or even a new friendship (Or a fun surgery on a busted up arm, eeek) The moment we don’t try the slightly different path is the moment we show our family and our peers what we are made of and embrace a life that is less than exciting.

Nothing wrong with that, or is there? Yes yes, I have a lot of questions tonight. If you stood on a hill overlooking a  road and knew if a car drove up it would change someones life forever, would you take the leap and protect that person to the end of time? Would you fight for the right? For passion? For a friend? Or would you walk away and let them face the fiery pits of sighs alone, until they spread themselves to the wind so much, that nothing remained?

I would like to think if you are taking a moment to read this, that you would fight for the righteousness of living life. After all, this is a gift we cannot walk away from and cannot set aside. If we do not spend each day doing our best to change the world, how can the world be any better. Let’s face it, there are a lot of things that just are not working, and it is up to us to find the courage and fortitude to show people that passion, love, excitement and the sheer beauty of a single sunset is more than just a few words on a lost site.

So if you are at 28,999 sunsets, do you take the chance to reach out and hold someones hand. Not wait until tomorrow. Do you feel something that no one else can feel. Do you hold on and realize there are those times that nothing can interfere with your happiness, and just ride the ride, love the love, watch the sunset and hold on.

I hate the movie “City of Angels” because the angel gives up everything for one person, find a love that only a few people in the world seem to find, and then she does something stupid and takes it all away. (Spoiler: like rides a bike into a really big truck and goes “squishy squishy blam blam”) However, I concede the ending has some merit as even with his loss, the pain, and all the hurt he will feel for all time, he can hold on to the pure feeling they had together and perhaps that made it all worth it. (It would have been more fun if she had put on her big girl panties and stayed with him)

Wow, what a ramble.

So as the sun sets on another day, when you have the opportunity to feel the passion of a thousand suns, reach out, and take a moment and enjoy it. Whether it be sitting alone watching the sun go down, or sharing the moment with someone special, perhaps you make the world a better place by doing so.

Sleep sweet, love life, and as you size up your life, lose the sighs, and hold on to the prize… the moon and the starts beyond…

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