Only a spark…

The day is closing in, the people around us crushing each piece of life we thought we had right out of our pores. Like some massive constricting snake our lives are more and more pulled into despair until we finally just stop, sit on the floor, and begin to cry, get angry, or be upset. Ever have one of those days?

Pretty much we all do, (I try not to but I am “weird”) but there is always hope for each of us, after all we have¬†faith in ourselves and our maker don’t we?

I am reminded of a movie called the Never Ending Story. In the movie the young man is reading a book and it becomes evident as he reads the book he is more and more apart of it, and the darkness is closing in on him and the¬†heroine. It takes him some time to realize he is in the story, but as he does, he realizes that it is everyone’s belief that is causing the issue, and in that he find a way to restore the light to the world in the book, and himself in the process.

So let’s look at the world. We are all part of an interesting story, and whether we want to be or not we are a story, yes, you too, that’s you who is sitting in the back saying “I never want to be a story”, yes you are a story as well. So being part of an interesting story, we have a say in the story, and we can make it real for us. Take a moment, assess your negatives and realize in the grand story, they are meaningless. The bad boss, the pain in the but spouse, the divorce, the money problems, the marriage, all of that is transient, but you, wonderful you, are here to stay and that is what we need to hold on to with all of our heart.

So as the sun sets on another day, I ask, I implore, I will even plead, be true to you, for without you, how can life truly be fulfilled. Believe in yourself and the power you have to make your own decisions, and you life will find a way to happiness, even if today seems like a darkness.

Sleep sweet, love life, wish upon a star and hold onto the love in your heart…

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