Tactics for the tactical…

The sun sets on another day…

The colors of the day have turned to the color of night. As we pass through this wonderful series of days let’s be thankful for a moment for the people in our lives. There are many. Some bring us up, some do not, but all the people in our lives can teach us to be better. I strongly feel that even the negative people in our lives give us a path to hope and passion by showing us things to avoid.

For me, our tactics should be to focus on the people important to us, and set aside the other issues. We need to be in favor of ourselves and trust that others have our best interest at heart, even if they do not. I have trusted some people I never should have trusted, and not trusted some that perhaps I should have, but in the end it helped me learn, so there is a positive. So to be tactical, why not enjoy the positives while you can, and even if the negatives hurt, look for the silver lining and hope the negatives one day become positives.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live it, stop sitting in the corner,¬†instead get out, watch the sunset and smile at the joy and happiness life brings you daily….no matter what.

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