The sun sets on another day…well, I know the sun set on another day but i could not see it…

I have always said to my children that seriously is Bruce Lee’s brother. (Serious Lee?) Anyway, after that poor humor I better get good really quick. We have all been in situations where there seems to be a black and white line, and really it is really 51 shades of grey (Just didn’t want to be confused with the book here). It is amusing sometimes to consider that people get a line in their mind and cannot seem to move out of it. Worse, there are those that start walking a line, know they are wrong, and still walk the line out of pride or principle. It can go both ways as we move into the realm of relationships or money as walking away from a decision can be a tough trick. Either way the words are “I have too much invested to…” (fill in the blank with your favorite piece of silliness)

My pseudo problem with all of this is there really isn’t any grey at all, just shades of colors that the sunset could point out for any people who tend to look at it.

Really, our days have the perfect way of dealing. Each day there is a beautiful beginning, that gives us unreal and amazing colors that are more spectacular than any rainbow; a full day where the sun (hopefully) shines down on us and warms our hearts and souls; then an end filled with even more colors and that end gives promise to a new day, Perhaps we need to consider each day as a gift, and in the process pay attention to our gift, and not our investments or our lost time. We should hold on to the good in life before the rest of the “stuff” has the opportunity to swallow us whole. Walk away before you lose it all, like I did in the 90s when I invested in Syquest instead of iOmega. It was a big oops for me, but I learned from it and moved on. Learn from my boo boo and skip on staying in a loss too long.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider your paths well, and realize there are times to wash, rinse, repeat, and times to walk away and the investment you will loose is not really as big as you think.

Sleep sweet, love life, and wish upon a sunset, then have a colorful night….

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