The face of beauty…

The sun sets on another day…

Beauty is an interesting idea. You may be thinking it is an interesting fact, and interesting pastime, a lot of work, a lie, or a host of other things people often say, It may well be all of those, or it may not. I feel it is an interesting idea as beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. The problem is when the beholder is you, it is not really a reasonable beholder to believe. I know so many people who have the lowest self esteem in the world, and it is they that are the people who shine as beautiful. I also know a significant number of people who are “fashion model” beautiful, and they are some of the less beautiful people I know. 

I recently talked to a young lady who was past fashion model beautiful, but as I talked to her it was apparent she had no belief that she was beautiful. She did not feel beautiful, nor did she present herself as the striking young lady she was, instead she was quiet, reserved and still was shining. It was apparent, based on my brief interaction with her, that she was not as sure of herself as she could have been and perhaps that was part of her beauty. Perhaps patience is the lesson we all should consider when dealing with our vision of ourselves.

To me, a even better solution is not to consider beauty at all, and instead, just enjoy the moments and move forward. After all, in my opinion, as you enjoy people it is when you find their true nature and their true beauty. Perhaps I am wrong, but maybe not as well.

So as the sun sets on another day, remember when you look in your mirror that you are beautiful, and everyone’s opinion doesn’t matter, only yours, and in the end life is an amazing journey and you are in it.

Sleep sweet, love life, you are beautiful and wonderful, and don’t you forget it….

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