What dreams…

The sun sets on another day…

The night falls upon us and the hand of Morpheus closes upon us, taking us into the world of dreams. there we find solace in the peace of our dreams or turmoil, or even fear.

In the movie “What dreams may come” the world between worlds is a place of colors that are less than solid and a series of events that both are and are not under our control. True, the movie is about more than a dream, but dreams are, or at least can be, a place of wonder.

Although I have always avoided sleep I have enjoyed so many fantastic dreams, solving problems and enjoying “alternity” where the things that should have happened in life, could be real.

When I was younger and before I could change a dream while in it (Another story) I would sometimes take a turn and see nightmare. Things I could not control would overwhelm and when I was a child the monsters of my rather interesting life would be given animate anger and would come for me, causing more than just a moment of young fear.

On my curio there stands a small porcelain dinosaur. It was given to me by my grandmother and it was there when i was young and felt the nightmares close in. In my dreams when they came, the dinosaur would take a life of its own as well, and then protect me from all that came. Probably silly, but this slow progression let the darkness that could invade become a light that could lead me forward, to better thoughts, better moments, and better dreams.

So as the sun sets on another day, remember your dreams are a window to who you are, hopes, fears, positives, and negatives, and those dreams may well be some of the best and worst moments of your life. Grab on to your own “dinosaur” or something to make it easier, perhaps the colors of a sunset, and move your dream to a positive place. I know you are worth it.

Sleep sweet, dream a little dream, and love life, each and every day…

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