Under the native sun…


The sun sets on another day…

Last night in a moment of less than restful sleep I watched the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun”. For those of you that have not seen it the movie is a tear jerker that pulls you in with a little romance and a lot of passion around each and every corner. To me, the moral is simple, your dreams may be answered, but not necessarily in the way you wanted or even considered them answered. Dreams are a good thing and sometimes we do not realize the reality we have in our hands, and in doing so miss in life maybe just a little..

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, err, or something like that, I knew someone who was with another someone who was the yin to their yang every moment and every instant they spent together was amazing. (Given I was not there every instant it is anecdotal to consider this, but hey, I was a believer) In the end one of the two of them made a sideways move and they moved on and had a rough time, somehow in the fray thinking another way would be better than what they had, to me they had the dream already, and both of them said so too, so who knows. The point is, sometimes we don’t realize how amazing something is, until we are told, “remember that dream you had, well it sure looks like you got it”

So as the sun sets on another day, remember that sometimes that thing you asked for, you were given and just didn’t recognize it. After all, I never have gotten my Viper, but my Stealth has been what I think I wanted anyway….

Sleep sweet, love life, and live for your dreams, and find a way to make them your life…(Then find another dream, wash rinse, repeat)

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