Tracks in the sand…



Today while searching for the perfect sunset I came across tracks in the sand that I did not recognize. Now, there were lots that I did recognize and as I sifted through the dog, bird Adidas, and barefoot human tracks I was mystified at the tack before me. After walking through the tracks and thinking about it, I agreed with another suggestion, perhaps it was a deer that had changed. As I studied it, I became certain it was exactly that. A deer track that had widened with the water and become a different sort of track.

In life we sometimes see the same. As we are paying attention to how someone is doing something, watching their tracks so to speak, suddenly the racks change and we have something completely different. (Not to be confused with Monty Python) Perhaps if we paid more attention at the beginning we would see the true nature of a person, but often all we have to go by is their “tracks” and those sometimes deceive us. How many people have ended up in a relationship with someone they thought was true, only to find the have been played, or been in a relationship they thought was passive, only to find the love of their life. How many “friends” have turned out to be more, and how many friends have turned out to be less?

No matter how you slice it if we had really paid attention to the tracks we would have found the truth before we walked in circles as I did tonight, looking for a source that may never have been there at all.

So as the sun sets on another day, let’s take a moment and look at the tracks around us, and make sure the tracks we leave are true, or better yet, not leave any tracks at all.

Sleep sweet, and love to the moon and back, and the stars beyond…

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