Spiraling down the wormhole….

The sun sets on another day…

Can you imagine the life of a worm? Multiple hearts and all the world is a place to play, except maybe concrete. As I watched a worm on the concrete struggling to survive I pushed him to the grass and wondered why he ever went there in the first place? Sure, it seemed like the right way to go to avoid drowning in the rain, but when the rain stopped it had a series of other problems, causing near life threatening issues if not for some help.

In life we

too sometimes avoid a rough situation and go to a situation that seems better, only to be caught on the sidewalk as the rain stops, perhaps never to find our way back to safety. Often that easy looking solution is anything but, and sometimes finding a way in the tough patches can be the right way to go.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider how many paths a man must take in life, wait, no, consider the path to safety may not always be the one that seems clear in front of you, but may be going down a path that seems more hazardous.

Sleep sweet, make good decisions and love to the stars beyond…

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