Circles and rings and pretty things…

The sun sets on another day…

I always laugh when I think about movies like The Ring. something that is scary to so many people but if you consider the premise it is almost ludicrous. I also get a giggle out of the opposites, that are so positive that the sugar sweetness puts you into shock or gives you diabetes for all time. Why? 

Well, it is my opinion that the worst of the worst and the best of the best are particularly rare items. Some people think that Facebook users have the dreamiest lives in the world and spend more time trolling Facebook and other social networks than they used to watching soap operas. Their days are not complete unless they are looking at someone else and their shiny life saying “Why not me”. There are also those people that binge watch news looking for the worst of the worst to prove that the world is coming to an end, tomorrow at 3:37 PM EDT. I better pack.

My point is, the world can be as good or as bad daily as you want it to be, and it is how you handle these things that defines it, not how a movie depicts it, or some other strange formula that makes the world seem like a better place, but instead the choice is yours. If you want a giggle, watch the Airplane scene where the quote is stated, “The Decision to Proceed is Yours…” and see how it goes from problem to pure silliness in moments. That is often how our minds work.

The sun sises, and the sun sets, and in the process it does what it does and makes no bones about it. I would like to think (a bit of personification here)that the sun just chills and goes with the flow, why can’t we?

So as the sun sets on another day, look fr the good, but make it realistically good, and love every moment of your day. I think you will find life is worth it.

Sleep sweet, love life, and giggle in elevators, just for fun….

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