A spark in the wind…

The sun set son another day…

Have you ever seen a spark become more? There are quite a few things in life that start small and become amazing infernos of light and life. A close friend of mine just took a song from an idea to an amazing production that may one day set his life on a new path. So many sparks, and a spark in the wind can either be snuffed out by the air, or inflamed and become a burning malestrom of passion and success. The trick is, at least in my opinion, to keep creating those sparks and watching them and trying to get them to fuel so they can become that amazing ember that may well last for all time.

So many people have great ideas, great minds and can make a difference. Take the chance, spend the time, make it happen.

So as the sun set son another day, rememebr your passion and your ideas may be the next great idea that changes the world, gives us a new passion, shows a new light, teaches us more, or just lets us laugh and live in the world for a moment. It is always worth it to fan that spark, and help it grow.

Sleep sweet, love life, and if you get a second, consider how little Michael changed the world


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