Some things to know…

The sun sets on another day…

29000 sunsets is not just a new idea and a new site. The concept was conceived about looking at a new position in research. At the time I was considering statistics and life a great deal while also considering how finite life is and how much fun it should be.

The domain 29000sunsets was registered in 2010 after a series of discussions with people about their lives and my consideration of how do people understand what they know and don’t know. I did not profess to be anything like a sage, but wanted to put out thoughts that allowed people to consider other points of view

Although I write here every day, the topic usually has nothing to do with me. Topics are from observations and people every day and many are drawn from me or my past experience, but the ideas are usually born out of observation. I add my experience where I can, and what teachings have been thrown on me over the years.

In August of 2015 the site was recreated to streamline and make it more easily managed. Since then, only 2 days have been missed from technical issues (No internet) and those were posted within 24 hours.




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