What day are you on?

The sun sets on another day…

A number of people far smarter than me have said that you should never give a limit to life. 29000sunsets sets a type of limit but it was not for the purpose of setting a limit, just that we should all get at least 29000 sunsets. (Well, it was a good number)

As I have talked and watched people perhaps the question should be where do you live your life?

Do you live your life at 8,000¬†sunsets where you are not concerned about what happened day to day and instead don’t really mind the day to day, and instead focus everywhere else in the world?

Do you live your life at 28,999 where tomorrow may be the last day and you try to squeeze every moment out of the day and wring the sweat from you?

Do you live your life at 28,999 and just wait for the inevitable click of the clock?

I suggest you dump the numbers as well. As a better approach lets all consider that today is the best day of our life and in spite of victory or defeat, sorrow or eleation, humor or seriousness, we should wring every moment out of lift because it is a gift. If the pain is great, push through, if you feel you have done enough, you haven’t. Let’s grab life and make it the most amazing adventure it could ever be. After all YOU are worth it.

So as the sun sets on another day, lets suck every moment out of life and make it the best it can possible be, no matter what…


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