Crimson is not red…

The sun sets on another day..

you know researches say that color affects us all very directly. In many ways our reactions to live can be driven by such, with blues calming influence making us slow down for a moment, while red moves us to violence or action much quicker. This is why many places pick specific colors for their shops to either speed you up, or slow you down so as to make you shop longer, or get out faster.

Funny huh?

I guess then that crimson and red are very different as red is supposed to make you act, while a sunset can slow you down and bring peace to your heart. Just saying here. 

So as the sun sets on another day, enjoy the moment and slow down for the sunset, even if you think it is red, and just enjoy the moment as darkness falls and the night embraces us all.

Sleep sweet, and laugh a lot, it is good for you!

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