Take your sweet time…

The sun sets on another day…

…and time moves forward at its own speed in spite of anything we may do. Stephen King wrote about it so well in “My Pretty Pony” and showed the myriad of differences not in time but in our perception of time. After all we have a unique view on time that most members of the animal kingdom do not share. We go through life considering time and what time is to us, independent of how it either is, or is not really. It is our perception  of time that defines us, not necessarily time itself.

As a child I remember how precious I though time was and wished the days would last forever, now I wish that even more even as I meet and know people who are wishing away time, and their lives by waiting for the end, waiting for children to grow up, waiting for just about anything without walking through it on their own and living their lives. So many people just don’t see the moments as they are, raindrops falling on a city grate.

So as the sun sets on another day, take the time to look at your time, and enjoy your moments, for who knows how many raindrops will fall.

Sleep sweet, love life, and take your time, then find a way….


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