250 days

The sun sets on another day…

For 250 days I have taken time each day to post. 250 days of enjoying observations, people, and of course the sunsets and pictures each day. Before I posted weekly or less, but after the reset I vowed to make each day a personal goal, and each post a meaning to someone in the hope that if one person enjoyed it, it would be worthwhile. There have been days it has been difficult, mostly because of time, and a few days where the internet has interfered and I have had to adapt to get the post, but still I made it. Why? Because each day is an adventure that is worth it and worth sharing, each day can be a lesson, each day a picture of beauty, and each day a reason to look at the world in wonder. Somewhere along the way this site has gained over 1.2 million hits. 

Next month I will begin putting together the 2017 calendar. The 2016 calendar was given away to a variety of people. I hope to expand such so that everyone can have a sunset on their wall. 

I will also put out a rather shameless plug.  In January of this year I completed my first full length fictional novel. It was released with a few errors on kindle, which were repaired and now the book is available in paperback and on kindle. I have been questioned about the name a few times, but if you read the book, it will make sense. The second has a much less painful name. 

If you have time, I would appreciate a read, and perhaps a review. I worked hard and had help from  some great people in editing, and next time I will take it even further. You can see it here.

Finally, I am not the only person on a personal question. A friend of mine has posted a picture a day since January 1, he has also take the 1 second a day video challenge and as always, he succeeds. You can see his daily posts here. Each day he gives us a lesson in beauty, may we only learn from his determination.

So as the sun sets on another day, remember to set goals for yourself, and make them your personal passion. Believe in people, and believe in yourself, find a way to truth, and never lie for the sake of a lie, instead live the truth, whatever the cost may be. Each day may be a special challenge, but together we can achieve anything. The future is never set, there are so many permutations in the essence of chaos, so many choices, so many minor items that can change the world that each moment can be the moment that makes a difference… so, make a difference. Make a difference to yourself, to your friends, your family, your loved ones, the the ones you love or have loved, but be that person they know you are, and the person you know you are, no matter what…

Sleep sweet, love life, and sorry for the sappy post, at least I believe what I say, and say what I believe… (smile)


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