A dream within a dream


The sun sets on another day…

Last night I had a dream, it was not unpleasant, nor was it pleasant. It was very matter of fact, a life presented before me, with a narrative places on key points of my life. In my dream I was talking to an embodiment, but in reality it was more likely my brain talking to my brain. The essence of the dream was why things have happened the way they did, and should they have happened this way.

As we all walk through the 29000 or so sunsets we have in this life many of us ask the same question. The essence of the question if often “what if” but sometimes it may be “why” or “why not”. Perhaps we are not always asking the right question, perhaps the question should be “did we do the things we wanted to do?” Or maybe it should be “Did we do the things we needed to do?” Quotes abound for want versus need. Differences between a winner and loser, a success and a failure about, but in my opinion the answer is somewhere in between. Did we do what we needed to do and did we want to do it? In other words, was it worthwhile and did we enjoy the moment? Did you do something today that was necessary, and in the process enjoy the moment? Will you tomorrow? Yesterday? Isn’t part of life doing the right thing and another part enjoying what you do, perhaps in balance?

It is worth considering at least.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider the balance in your life, and the life in your balance, and make sure they align with who you are and where you want to be. Don’t burn bridges made of wood you may need, and don’t build bridges with rotten wood.

Now that I have been cryptic I will consider the small portly man with the yellow shirt, and enjoy my night.

Sleep sweet, love life, and make every day a day you can be proud of, at least in some way…

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