Wash, rinse, use again….

The sun sets on another day…

The breeze blows now as the night has closed in, embers of the eve light the night sky with the soft fires of the fading twilight, in the moment i rest easy and feel the peace settle over me, for i know that in every night there is the promise of a new day.

Ever notice how sometimes you really have to make a boo boo to find your way. Recently I finished my first novel and continue to work on the second in the series. I was not aware that the company that publishes for you can block your ad campaign, even though they approved it all and pre-screened. Now I know. So it is with much excitement I release my former book under a new name that cannot be misconstrued in our very correct society. In my failure I have found a new pathway and I trust those people who have guided me, to keep me honest and moving forward.

So too should we all move forward, knowing we could have issues, but knowing there are those who will be there for us and help us overcome them. So start your first book, make sure your life is where you want it and do the things you think you should knowing that if you fall, there are those who will catch you and accept you, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and do it, whatever it is…


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