The way of the wise…


The sun sets on another day…

Proverbs tells us “A person’s wisdom yields patience; it is to one’s glory to overlook an offense”

Many other sayings suggest similar. So where do we get wisdom? Some people feel it is from age, but I know many people far older than I that are not wise. Some say it is from faith, but whose faith gives wisdom and where do we define such? I feel it is from experience, where understanding gives way to common ground and allows a person to see beyond themselves, beyond a situation and instead to the center of an issue, and in that we find wisdom and patience.

One things we do not see from wisdom is arrogance, A wise person can see their worth and not need to define it, where a lesser person would define themselves for themselves. In my opinion it is too often true that those who feel they are wise, are not, and those that are wise, well, they are not out for personal gain but instead are defining others, sacrificing for those that need it, and perhaps sacrificing of themselves when it seems they shouldn’t. The wise person may see a bigger picture.

I remember a Steven Seagal movie long ago where an elder is talking to the Steven Seagal character and says he is a bear. Seagal’s character replies he is not a bear, but instead he is a mouse. The elder says that is exactly what a bear would say.

I have a friend who is quiet and reserved all the time, he is ultra intelligent and I think if he ever went on Jeopardy he would amaze the world and slaughter the competition. (Except maybe in movies). He is one of the most patient listeners I have ever known, and never forces his knowledge or experience, but instead  passively listens, and makes a difference by gently guiding and understanding. He must be patient, after all, he puts up with my silliness. It is in people like him that the future can be defined, for they will listen and hear, and perhaps understand more than politicians and zealots, knowing a larger picture, and perhaps leading us there.

Sorry, for the long treatise.

So as the sun sets on another day, seek experience to gain wisdom, live truth and not a lie, tell the truth whenever you are asked, and remember, there is always another side.

Sleep sweet, and be aware of you, because you are special.


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