A funny thought…

The sun sets on another day,
it does so with power and presence,
unwavering for all time,
never wavering in decision,
knowing the next day, it would be back again.

I came across a funny poster today that said “We could all learn something from the indecisive squirrel that tried to cross the road…”. I had seen the poster and memes before, but it really hit me as funny today, and made me laugh a lot. A lot of times we don’t make good decisions, and in the process of missing that good decision, we make a decision by not making a decision at all. It is true, not making a decision is a decision within itself, and we need to be aware that each time we avoid our paths, whether good or bad, we take the chance of causing issues by not making a decision.

Sounds confusing, I know, but make your way, follow the sun, and be the person you should be, all the time.

So as the sun sets on another day, remember that life is a series of adventures and make the decision to live as many as you can, no matter what…

Sleep sweet, wake up, enjoy life, wash, rinse repeat, spin, dry, and have fun!


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