The measure…

The sun sets on another day. ..

I can state a hundred facts about the sun and how they are measured. What, however, is the measure of a man?

Are they measured by physical attributes? Emotional? Intellectual? Or is there a formula to measure a man based on his or her effect on others? 

I would like to believe it is the measure of a man when they begin to think for themselves. If you have seen the movie “I, Robot” there was a quote in the movie about the robots that may apply similarly. The quote was : “When does a difference engine become the search for truth? When does a personality simulation become the bitter mote… of a soul?”. Perhaps with a man the question should be “When does childhood curiosity become the search for truth? When does a quest for doing the right thing¬†become the bitter mote… of a soul?”

People find so many ways to measure themselves that are just not valid. So many measure on things, on their home, their car, some people measure on how they hurt others, while others measure on how much hurt they take, but isn’t a better measure how much good we can do in the world, even more, could it not be as easy as how the world sees you as a good person? Could it even be as simple as asking yourself “Did you do good, did you make someone happy? Are you happy? Are they happy?

So many questions, but in the end, the measure of a man, and even the measure of a soul is what we make it. I had someone tell me once that only people have a soul, then I questioned whether that person had a soul because of their actions. Perhaps we all need a good measuring stick.

So as the sun sets on another day consider how you measure the depth of a man, and consider how you measure yourself, find a way to improve and make both yourself and the world better, no matter what…

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