It’s coming right at you!

The sun sets on another day…

 Ever notice as the sun sets it appears larger and larger and it could be coming right at you and you would not be surprised! Sometimes we things things are coming at us and we make decisions that are not completely based on fact, and instead on perception. It is very telling when talking to groups of people and determining that their decisions are base don how they interpret the world, but the world just might not be the way they think it is.

Sometimes you need distance to see even more clearly, distance can give you perspective that you cannot get when in the middle of it all. For example, today I was playing paintball with my family. The girls and I were against the boys, and as we fought the first time we charged in and were instantly trying to see where everyone was, because we were in the middle of it all it was difficult to gauge. So, next game, I hung back, and achieved a lot of success from a distance where I could see my team and the other players, then fought through it all. 

I know, a strange example, but it can be applied well in many areas. If you step back for a moment, it gives you the ability to see more clearly and perhaps make better decisions. (No promises)

So as the sun sets on another day, enjoy the moments and take a few to see beyond easy perceptions and maybe, just maybe, the big picture will prevail and make your life a better place! (Unless it cant get any better)

Sleep sweet, love life, and breathe, it is good for you!

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