Passion explained…

The sun sets on another day…

In a moment you see the sunset and wave after wave of emotion flows through you reminding you of some long lost memory, some future need, some portion of your soul uncovered.

How do you explain this to another? How can you explain the depth of a feeling to someone, how it feels inside of you, what it means to you, who you are beyond the simple words that flow between people, but how you define your soul?

The answer is easy, if it is important to you, you try. Simply try, try to find a bridge, or a method for another person to see inside of you, and allow yourself to be out there, ready to face the potential misunderstanding, but praying that they understand. So many people understand only their point of view that it is important for people who know passion to explain theirs well, and if it does not work, work harder.

Hopefully, whoever you are talking to, person or group will start to see inside, and know a little of how you feel, and that key may open new and amazing doors for everyone involoved. Hopefully they will not lose sight of the passion or communication, but instead will see far beyond.


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