A moment inside a moment

The sun sets on another day…

In a moment the sun passes between day and twilight, another moment passes us from twilight into the depths of night. Somewhere in the middle of night we find peace, calm, and tranquility. The waters quiet, and people sleep (sometimes) and in the end, we ready ourselves for the power and presence of another day.

It is in those moments that we find ourselves and see who we are, who we will be, and who we were. We contemplate the past, consider the present, and of course the future. As we glide forward in this thing called life we also find that the moments we have are more precious than any other, because they are our moments and make us whole. The moment with a special someone, with a child, with a beloved friend(s), or within the time we spend with anything that fulfills us, those moments are the moments that twirl around and find a way to take us to new heights, and new possibilities.

We are amazing, always amazing, and those people who truly find a way to love, unconditionally, find their way to sunset after sunset that truly makes them whole. This may seem like an off the wall post, but a true friend can be apart for great lengths of time, and take up the conversation you had so long ago as if it were a moment, a real love does not judge or want, but looks for the best and finds passion every moment of every day. We all watch the world turn, and see the sunsets dividing each day and bringing us towards new heights, new happiness, and new lives, each and every second. We even see moments inside of moments as we hold on to the happiness we have felt, and find the happiness we want to feel while experiencing it all now and forevermore.

Sounds different. Perhaps I am thoughtful because I have been blessed so heartily with good friends, and have seen the highest love has had to offer, and maybe the lowest as well. It really is not important as living for now sets us on a path to be more than we are, and towards the best we could be.

So as the sun sets on another day, enjoy the twilight, love the morning, the noon, and the night, and realize that somewhere there will always be more to reach for, but live the best there is now and in every now to come.

Sleep sweet, and make today the best day ever, everyday…


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