Shades of amazement…

The sun set son another day…

I remember being fascinated as a child with the sunsets I experienced, and always excited and amazed by the colors that could be created by the passing of the sun. As I slowly began going through a lot of things this week from times long past I found hundreds (more likely thousands) of pictures and, as would be expected, I have been taking pictures of sunsets since my 620 Brownie camera so many years ago. It becomes easily apparent that the shades of a sunset are perhaps as many as the 64 million many people are so excited about now, and perhaps even more colors are out there as no two sunsets are alike and no one can truly predict just how a sunset will be.

Like the sunsets, we are all unique as well, with colors inside each one of us that makes us the amazing person we are from day to day. Unlike the sunset, whether we are something wonderful, or something less, it is up to us and only we are responsible for our actions, how we react,  how we respond to others, how we love, and yes how we hate. The sunset has no such power, it is as random as random can be, but we can choose our own destiny, and either be nice to people, indifferent, or brutal depending on our true self.

So as the sun sets on another day, be happy in yourself, and realize you are unique and wonderful like a sunset, but where you go and who you become is truly up to you. I hope and pray you will be the person you wish to be and want to be and make a difference to the world, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and choose wisely but with passion with every decision you make!

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