A true friend…

The sun sets on another day…

As the sun sets the rosy hue is overwhelmed by the moment and swallowed by a cloud, yet still it perseveres and is there for all if only they look.

Friendship is one of the most special things between two people. Not necessarily the most special, but not the least either. Friendship binds us, evokes emotion, and gives us purpose when we need it most.

It is my opinion that a true friend is unbridled by time (yes right word) and is a friend to the end. (No inference of the movie “Child’s Play”.) I was told some time ago that a friendship I had was so super because if we could not talk for a day, a week, or more, that when we did talk we continued on the same conversation as though a moment did not pass, and with no hard feelings or hurt feelings for the time lost, only the gratuity of the time we shared and the conversations that we created.

A joke said once the “a true friend is not the one who bails you out of jail, but the one who was sitting next to you saying “can you believe we did that?” but I take it one further and a true friend is the one that helps you find another way if it saves you, or helps you through whatever happens if that too is necessary. In the joke I guess that would be “A true friend tries to talk you out of it but when the chips are down says, “I’m with ya, no matter what.”

A true friend doesn’t see the broken wing you bear, but instead sees the awesome butterfly you are, and cherishes that with you.

So as the sun sets on another take a moment and count those true friends you have, the ones who have your amazing secrets, and your terrible ones, who talk you up when it may not be time, and who are there for you if you ask, anytime, anywhere. As you think of them, be thankful for them and be happy that friendship exists, and as the sun slowly ebbs remember it will return each day and can be counted on, just like your true friends.

Sleep sweet, wish upon a star, and love to the moon and back, then the stars beyond…

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