The edge of light….

The sun sets on another day…

As night falls we often consider the colors and the daylight and think we are in the dark, but we have not been in the house with the shades closed, which we think is dark but then we enter a cave, and suddenly we have no light at all, and then we realize, that darkness is not darkness in our lives very often at all, there is always an edge of light, we just have to adjust a little to see it. (See there was a point to this silliness) Once we adjust, we are OK and it actually is not all that bad and as the light returns we can be happier and happier because (wow) we can see better!

In life it is often similar, as it seems like it is darker and darker, if we wait a moment it is not really that bad, we just have to adjust, move past, and find the light again.

(Simplistic eh?)

So as the sun sets on another day today’s point is pretty basic and probably over said by me, look for the light and you will find it, and there will always be another sunrise to guide your way to happiness, even when it looks darkest.

Sleep sweet, and love life, it is worth it, no matter what…

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