Forgive and…

Photo by Sandra Valle-Sloane

The sun sets on another day…

You know what, the sun is hot. You really shouldn’t look into it, lay under it for extended periods, or stick your hand under a magnifying glass from it. You might get burned! (Ouch). We all seem to accept this as common sense, but sometimes we don’t see the other side of common sense when items are close to us, or in matters of the heart.

As we interact with people there will come a time when they will not do the right thing, sometimes it will be innocent, sometimes it will be less than innocent. It is up to us to determine the impact to our lives and decide a good course of action. Normally i would say that is to forgive, sweep it past, and move forward. In that case the idea of forgive and forget is a good one since it sets us up to win and does not put others in a negative place. Sometimes though, something is done that really tasks a person. A good example is when a person betrays your trust or misrepresents you to others. In doing so it often creates a difficult atmosphere from which to react, and sometimes can be emotionally painful. There is a quote I read once that states to forgive and to forget mus be independent. What this means is you can forgive someone, but sometimes the forgetting should not be on the table. I think that is funny as sometimes the person who did something terrible, cannot even remember what they did, but it is often not on the front of that persons mind, which make sit pretty much worse.

The point is, forgiveness is a process, but looking over a past act is a different process and requires a lot of work to achieve success. Don’t take that for granted. 

So as the sun sets on another day, find a way to forgive and if possible find a way to forget. If not, be sure you can be happy with yourself as the sun continues to set, and make sure that you take the positive road, no matter what…

Sleep sweet and smile as the day crosses into night….



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