A brittle word…


The sun sets on another day…

The sun is silent, well, mostly. I would describe the sun as being oppressively silent or creating a thundering silence. The sun does what it does. The sun is never sorry for it is the purest expression of truth, well, pretty much predictability and maybe not exactly truth, but purely predicable. Funny huh?

We as people are not so lucky. We are highly unpredictable and as such prone to fun things that really are not as fun as you would think. Or are they?

We can be the most compassionate beings in the universe, and sometimes we can be the least compassionate. Our motivations do not always align with what we need to accomplish, and sometimes these motivations can hurt people. As stray word can destroy a person, or a stray word can build a person up. 

My suggestion is consider what you are saying each moment of the day and ensure you stay positive and bring people up with you, and make sure you say to a person the same as you would say when they are not there. It is the only way to stay true. Also, consider who you are talking to and truly talk to them, know them, understand before you “speak your mind”.

I have a friend who speaks their mind to me all the time, but we are always the purest of friends because they are truthful and respect me and my opinion as much as they respect their own. (and vice versa) Even if others think we were mad, we are not, and in the end we place that respect towards each other with no question. In my opinion this is the purest communication. That communication that makes us complete and ensures we understand other people.

I have another acquaintance that speaks to everyone differently. The things they say to one are different to another, all set aside to ensure they are seen in a positive light and in the process they become seen in a negative light. That type of communication finds its way back to the people you speak to and to the ones you don’t. Don’t be a part of that negativity, and instead find a positive road to make the world a better place.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider your words, stay positive, avoid negative, and be a person that can be respected, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live each day with power and passion, then pass it on!


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