A matter of a matter…

The sun sets on another day…

If you consider the matter of matter the sun is a matter maker/un-maker of the extreme type, taking matter and making more matter like it matters, and we often don’t realize it matters. Does this matter? Maybe not.

What matters is sometimes we really don’t realize what matters until it matters to us. Boy this is long and drawn out.

Tonight I was at a pot luck with a variety of people from young to old. During the conversation it was brought up how things just don’t appear to matter as much as they used to, and the things that seem to matter don’t really matter as much as the things we know longer think matter. In that vein I give you a few things that matter in my opinion:

  • Having clear vision – This does not mean having a forever plan, but more to knowing who you are and where you are going.
  • Have honesty in your heart – Show me a truthful man and I will show you a, well, lets say it is rare, but at minimum be honest with yourself, so many people lie to others so much they believe the lie. Instead tell the truth so much it hurts, literally. (and have proof if you need it).
  • Be secure in who you are – This is sometimes well overlooked, but know who you are and be happy. So many people are looking so hard for who they want to be they don’t realize how special they are in the world.
  • If you need to change, make your vision work – I am not a strong believer in people changing who they are, but it is possible with enough help and heart. If you need to make a change, commit to it, make it, and never undo it.
  • Sing -It makes your heart dance.
  • Smile – it affects the world more than a change in the weather.
  • Laugh – It does good things for you, and for those around you.
  • Love – Not that sappy love you see on silly TV shows, but the deep love that knows no bounds, with someone who would do anything for you, and who you would do anything for, no matter what.
  • Make friends – and not out of clay, make friendships that are impenetrable, and be the solution for your friends as they are the solution for you.
  • Have a clean handkerchief- Well, had to add it just for fun from the movie “The Big Brawl” because it sounds good.

I am sure I could go on for days and all of you for far longer. Life is just a series of matters that you need to address, then move on to the next one. In the end, it will matter because you matter. 

So as the sun sets on another day, remember you matter. Look into the mirror and see the wonderful person you are, and in the process realize we can all make each others lives better, for don’t the bulk of there items take two or more to make a reality? It matters! You matter, we matter, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, matter more, worry less, and love life every day…


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