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The sun sets on another day…

I listen and I watch. I watch with a sight born of years and years of watching. I have watched things happen, and thought about them over and over, considering dozens of permutations, hundreds of outcomes, and more than that I have considered my decisions paths as good or bad, and seen well. It is called hindsight for a reason, for it looks at what was behind, and in the process unravels the possibilities of what might have been, of “what if”.

I have looked ahead, and seen a thousand things I could do, and a thousand thousand things I could do better. Each thing topped with a flowery dose of why not, and how to, with stardust dreams sprinkling dust on the shelves of a future, until I can make it the past. This is foresight, the ability to see before. Foresight is my friend and my enemy, showing me a way that can become my way, but I should never look at too many lest I lose my way in my foresight.

I have watched and looked at those I cared about, and thought cared about me. I paid close attention but I did not see, I could not as I was blinded by the foresight and hindsight, hoping these moments would be more, and only sometimes finding them. This is what I call blind sight, seeing what is real, but not seeing all that is real.

Of all I think I prefer true sight. A sight in my heart and mind that sees more. I sight that sees my friends as they are, and the people who are special in my life as real as they are, and in the process I see a way to the future through the past using the present.

So who cares, right? That is me, and not each of you. The hundreds and sometimes thousands of people out there who look for a sunset and perhaps don’t even see the words here each day, Well it matters as we all should look forward and back only a little, and perhaps in the process live in the moment and find something special in each and every day.

I ask stupid questions sometimes, like if people had any fun. When I ask it is not because I expect every moment to be fun, but because a single instant of fun can make a day better, a simple smile can make someones day a bit brighter, saying someones name can make them feel important, and being there when you are needed can perhaps change the world. Perhaps this is just my opinion, but I have seen it to be true, over and over, and over again.

So as the sun sets on another day use your hindsight to find the past that will help you use your foresight to find the best way. Surrender your blind sight to the moments of truth you share each day with the world, and find a way to be everything you can to those special people in your life as they should be to you. In the process, live the best day you can, and perhaps that will open the doorway to the best life that can be, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, dream good dreams of amazing love and passion, and wake up tomorrow and find them.

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