A year ends…366 days long….

The sun sets on another day…

One year ends and a new one begins. For the past year we have gone through  journey of light and words. A lot has happened, some happy, a lot sad, but in the process we have all grown and seen a new side. For the year I have made sure 366 posts have happened, all of them with a picture, some good, some OK, some very good. (At least that’s what I am told)

This year I may open comments, and try advertising but the core of 29000sunsets is at is was so long ago when I created it, to celebrate this wonderful life we have and show a little appreciation, even in the bad times.

So as the sun sets on another day, learn to appreciate even the low moments in your life. Realize you are responsible for you, and no other but in the process let your vision inspire others. Take pictures, create music, and love life like it is meant to be loved: without end, and with great passion.

In the end, if we only had 29000sunsets, how did you spend yours, make your story a special one.

By the way, if you read, check out my book here.

Listen to a friends song here.

Or another one here.

The guy in the picture today has to be a little cold, the wind high and the ice even higher!

Finally check out the end of year posts that didn’t make it here.

Sleep sweet, enjoy the eve, and wake up tomorrow with eyes for 2017!!



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