50 shades of 2016

The sun sets on another day, then as it does it sets on another year…

A year has passed. 365 days and 365 posts, not a day missed, not a picture left unposted. Someways the picture was from today, while some it was one of thousands in a library, always it was considered, then posted as a thought. Each story was written to inspire hope, sometimes there was success, sometimes less. Always I had a reason for posting, a lesson in mind, a message. For 365 days I have wondered about life, time, and making the best of every day, as tomorrow may never be, because it is tomorrow. (lol)

 As per my previous posts, there are some days I do not like where the writing goes. Sometimes after a sentence I end it, sometimes I complete the post and go “yuck” but then set start over and write again. Below are the posts from 2016, and at the end a few special bonuses:

On a particular day when things were not going well, I wrote the attached post, it was meant to start a series of items about peace, but I could not embrace peace that night, so I moved on.


As we neared Christmas last year I was considering how we should forgive in life, unfortunately, I got lost for a moment in the essence of Vengeance. It is something I am quite familiar with so as I reread the post, I simply set it aside and took a higher road.


Ever wonder about when 29000sunsets reset? I started the post here, and decided that it was not necessary and moved on to something a bit more upbeat and positive.

Some things to know…

Once upon a time I got a little to political, as I reread I set the next post aside simply because it can be misinterpreted, and maybe be too inflammatory.

Elements of truth…

I think that passion should always be at the core of our being. I have met only a few people who were as passionate as I am, and as I wrote this short post, I found myself lost in a moment, and it was not super comfortable. As such, I set it aside and never closed the loop on it simply because to do so would be way to open ended.

Passion explained…

Although this post was positive, it did not inspire me after writing it, so I did not expand or make it more effective, instead it became one of the lost posts of 2016.

Finding solace

Although a  little flippant the next post deals too much with darkness, and I set it aside for something less centered in the dark.

The edge of light….

As I sat in silence one night I began on the next post, and in the process got lost in the silence, then the darkness of the topic, I set it aside quickly and focused more on how we approach life in a positive manner.

The sound of silence…

In engaging the moments I was focused on personification and the post is not terrible, but it did not feel right. 

Engaging the moments…

As I was considering Wave after Wave, I stopped for a moment and was reminded of a super team that was affected by a difficult situation. Although the team survived, it was not as pleasant as I considered, so I shelved the post.

Wave after wave…

Spelling aside, I was rocked by trust issues one night and started a long post on trust, it started more negative than it should, so I dropped trust and started over.

Trusting the moments…

 As I wrote the next post I was considering a lot of people who I had trusted that turned out to be not very nice people. I considered a lot of things in the process and ended up deciding it was easier to set the post aside.

The spirit rises..

In puffing along, I simply lost the flow I needed to make it a world class post. In the process, I considered moving forward, but it was more effective to shelve it.

Puffing along…

Crazy considered Einstein and how people thought he was crazy as they could not understand him. As I wrote I realized the post was far to complex, and needed to be rewritten, so I went a different way.


On one cold night I was considering how people lie, and the essence of truth and lie, belief and the edge of reason. I wrote the post considering a piece of string, and then realized it was not very bright and instead quite dark, so I set it aside.

A piece of string…

Believe it or not, the next post was just too mushy. Hard to believe.

Hot times, cool weather…

As I considered a few older memories of people who have threatened me I started to write an angry post. Fortunately I got control of my anger, and set it aside even though I wanted to write a treatise on knowing who holds cards before trying to play a hand. 

Power and Powerful

Similar to the previous, the next post started positively, but ended up being potentially pretty negative, so I started over. Quiet and powerful sometimes go together, as do laud and powerful, oh well.

Silent answer…

After talking to someone with little self esteem, I started this post, but then realizes it was not a path I wanted to walk, so I stepped aside.

Believe in you…

 The posting of this long post, massive if you count all the side tracks, is that writing every day for a year, now well over a year, sometimes you run into things you just should let lie. Sometimes passion is the best thing in the world but passion can drive things like hate, and of course vengeance. In the year I think I did well as only a small number of posts were set aside, but it still is a challenge to move forward and be as positive as possible, no matter what.

I hope everyone had a good year, and hope they live, love, and make each day their own as we move into 2017 and beyond. 

Sleep sweet, wake happy, and make the world a better place…


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