Symbiotic dreams…

Photo by R. Wallace

First, thanks to Ramona for this awesome picture of Iceland!

The sun sets on another day…

I considered the symbiosis from so many areas but can see no real reason the sun needs us, we need it often though. There are other portions of us, that are symbiotic, like the cycle of life, our return to the nitrogen pool, our changing oxygen to carbon dioxide so plans can change it back and the list goes on. Many things are so symbiotic that they defy existence, and in the end, we are part of a cycle, Elton John called it a “Circle of Life.” (You can laugh here)

Anyway, a good relationship is equally symbiotic. Each person has needs, whether it be a friend or more, there is a give and take that makes each part of the symbiosis a win. I suggest you find what that symbiosis is, and work on it. Whether it is time, or another series of fun and exciting items, if you truly care, find a way to be the best you can be for yourself, and for those who are special to you.

So as the sun set son another day, we are not alone. (Seems like X-Files here) We are instead part of an ever expanding group of people, hopefully moving in a single direction. Work to be a part of something if you can, and find happiness every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy every moment you can.

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